Redgate SQL Search fastest way to find your DB objects

Life is easy when you are equipped with right tools. Recently I found one more tool (you can call me Tool Maniac) “SQL Search” from RedGate for Sql Server and the fun is Its a free utility, you don’t have to pay for your comfort. Its gonna reduce your time to search you DB Object through manual navigation or by Sp_help/SP_helptext then copy the text and open it new query window.

Very first go and download the new tool from -

Installation steps are as easy as click on Next –> Next and Finish.

Here is some cool feature I’m gonna show today -

After installation of the tool open the SQLServer management studio. Now you’ll see a new “SQL search” button on tool ribbon.

Now start searching Select your Instance, select DB select type of object you want to search blah! blah! blah!

The coolest feature I found is you can directly navigate to the db object in the Object Explorer.

Other perspectives -

  • Impact Analysis
    You want to rename one of your table columns but aren't sure what stored procedures reference it. Using SQL Search, you can search for the column name and find all the stored procedures where it is used.
  • Work faster
    Finding anything in the SSMS object tree requires a lot of clicking. Using SQL Search, you can press the shortcut combo, start typing the name, and jump right there.
  • Make your life easier
    You need to find stored procedures you've not yet finished writing. Using SQL Search, you can search for stored procedures containing the text 'TODO'.
  • Increase efficiency, reduce errors
    You are a DBA, and developers keep using 'SELECT *' in their views and stored procedures. You want to find all these and replace them with a correct list of columns to improve performance and prevent future bugs. Using SQL Search, you can look for 'SELECT *' in the text of stored procedures and views.

Now what are you thinking go ahead and save time for some other stuff you’re running on deadlines buddy.


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