Free ebook on MVC 3 Razor view engine by Abhimanyu

The youngest blogger and my friend Abhimanyu kumar vatsa who is student just released his first book on MVC 3 Razor View Engine. I appreciate the effort and contribution towards the Microsoft community to add another knowledge resource for free.
Great work Abhi!! Keep the good spirit up Smile.
Download E-Book

In this e-book you will learn all about Razor View Engine introduced in MVC 3. I will walk through the simple steps and even I will keep my ideas simple so that you can understand the Razor View Engine better. My aim through this e-book is to teach Razor so I am going to play a little loose with rest all.


  1. Thanks Amit for helping me to distribute this free e-book in community.

    Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa

  2. Thanks To provide us this useful ebook

  3. Hi Amit,

    Please advice any good books for MVC 3 professionals..
    And i am not able to access this book.. please help