JustDecompile by Telerik for IL and conversion of CSharp code to VB.Net

In daily practices when we need to see the IL code from our assemblies we do prefer to use ILDASM.exe to see the IL. Going forward Telerik guys have done such a nice work and made a easy and handy tool to see your IL Code and Even you can convert your code from C# to and vice versa. This is the most cool feature I like in it. Now I can create my Demos in C# as well as in VB.Net altogether. :)

You can download the Telerik’s JustDecompile from HERE.


Its free and available as Beta release. So go ahead download and start using it. You can request to telerik guys to add if something is missing or found any bug or some new features in the next coming builds.

Now how to see the IL code:

After Installation launch the JustDecompile tool and go to Open


Now select your DLL you want to watch the IL for It’ll get loaded into the Assembly list browser on the left side:


Now select the node and you’ll see the code on the lefthand side pane. In the Top Menu ribbon you’ll find a Dropdown. you can make your choice what you wanted to see you code in

  • IL
  • C#
  • VB.NET


I chose this tool just to see the IL code but it gave me more than that-

image What more It provide is, you can find the usage by FindUsage utility, Search is there to analyze a large assembly. And since the name is as DecCompiler it can decompile the assembly and will generate the Project too for you. by Click on the “CreateProject” It’ll generate the project for you for the selected Tree node.

Convert your code from C# to VB.Net and Vice versa

1. Launch the tool, open the Assembly and select the appropriate node that’ll show your code. Now select the option from Dropdown in the Menu ribbon and see the magic.


You can also opt for the Version of the framework too. and Silverlight framework is also supported.


This small utility impressed me and I came to write this post. I hope you liked it.

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