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I follow the blog via feedly and recently I came across this post from Scott Allan. It turned out to be a great show available as course on pluralsight. This fun session was conducted by Rob Conery with two great authors of C# Jon Skeet and Scott Allan.

At the very first I liked the Idea of Rob bringing up couple of questions from stackoverflow and discuss the insights of solutions provided by Jon Skeet and Scott Allan on the show. The questions covered were four types of question covering each topic:

1. Dynamic Linq (Expression Tree)

2. String formats (string interpolation vs string.Format)

3. Automated readonly properties (C#5 vs C#6 features)

4. Lambda expression property names (Expression Tree)

5. Binary compatibility (Most discussion was on designing public API and managing versions)

Starting with First module of the course, I liked the way when in the middle of discussion Jon said,

When in doubt go to specification

Jon skeet is really into C# and its design so all the topics he discussed were not only discussing features but also he mentioned why such design was chosen by CLR team.

On the other hand Scott had a completely different view of looking at the problem. So as I observed he prefers,

When in doubt go to your IL code

In the last topic Rob also shared his thoughts on binary compatibility and versioning and how complex this problem can be. I would say if you love C# and you help and answers on stackoverflow this is a must watch show.

Fun facts –

While Jon was discussing the #3 topic of automated read-only properties I observed this:

See more fun facts of Jon here.

Check out more play by play session to explore more on pluralsight by Rob conery.

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