Visual studio 2012 and .Net 4.5 expert development cookbook by Abhishek sur

Recently, I have been reading a book Authored by a friend Abhishek sur. He’s a dedicated community guy with great deep knowledge of .Net framework and C# language. So finally I got the chance to spend my time reading all recipes he made throughout the book. I found it of my interest so I would like to write some feedback on the same:


Audience the book is targeting -

I would say this book is for developers who are above level 200(Intermediate) and familiar with terms of .Net development as well the as the challenges they have faced during the development. Few recipes are providing the solution for the same. Chapter 5 page 272 (Weak even pattern) is showing how you can get rid of Memory leaks produced by strong coupling of subscriber and listener.

What the book is covering?

Taking the reader to the next level the book is Including the latest Visual studio 2012 features with .Net 4.5 framework capabilities. Also there are few chapters where Author is deep diving into the concepts behind the scenes. Chapter 2 (Basics of .NET Programs and Memory Management) is the very good example. This book is not taking you to the expert level of only one topic but to show you the diversity of development and how the new Visual studio and .net 4.5 helps you in various ways.

I found this book really interesting as every next chapter is like swinging in the mood. Since it’s covering all the new enhancements so the diversity was expected.

You can order your copy from here.

Or you can enter into the contest the Author have announced here to get the FREE copy of the book.

Happy Learning!!

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