Presenting webcast on VS2010 productivity

The online session meeting being held on 24th Dec 2011. I’ll be presenting a session on How to increase productivity with Visual Studio 2010 and will talk about “Tools and Extensions that enhances the programming experience on VS2010” on 24th Dec 2011 from2:00pm – 3:00pm (IST) .

Understanding the Tools, Extensions like Visual Studio 2010 productivity power tool extension, VS2010 power command tool extension and other third party free tools that can speed up your programming just like that.





24th Dec 2011 ( Saturday)
2.00 PM – 3.00 PM

Superproductive developers with Visual Studio 2010

You can be a superproductive developer you can speedup your coding, typing and remembering shortcut keys. Best you can take 100% of VS but if you want to take 150% output with VisualStudio there are other ways too.

Join the session to know “How to be superproductive with VisualStudio”.

The Target Audience :  Level 100 - Level 300

Meeting link -

See you there !

Cheers !


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