Microsoft GTSC Banglore Interview Questions

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This blog is basically to help those who are going to face the interview with Microsoft GTSC. Recently one of my friend had interview there and he shared the technical question asked. They asked mixed question including .Net, Database, Networking, OS, Active Directory etc.

Here's the list of Question asked in first Technical round:
1. Explain 3 way handshake and how it works?
2. What is paging in context of Memory?
3. Difference between Server OS and Deskto OS?
4. Explain 32 bit application/OS vs 64 application/OS?
5. What is virtual memory? Where it used by OS?
6. How OS come to know whether to load the .net framework when we run an .exe created using .Net framework?
7. Where the user store resides in OS?
8. What are Memory foot print of an exe?
9. What is connection pool? Where is resides? Explain how it works?
10. Why References are stored on head and variables on stack?
11. What are PE(Portable Executable)?
12. What is CASPOL?
13. What is App Pool in IIS?
14. What is the difference between DataRow.Delete() and DataRow.Remove()?
15. What are Row versions of DataRow?
16. ADO vs ADO.Net
17. Types of Authentications in Sql Server? How user gets authenticated through windows authentication?
18. Difference between Delete and Truncate.
19. What is the user of Primary key?
20. Can you insert NULL in unique column?
21. How to throw custom exception in Stored Procedure?
22. Overloading vs Overriding
23. virtual function and virtual classes.
24. Direct CAST vs CType
25. Explain the role of Garbage collector and its generations?
26. What is CTS?
27. ReadOnly vs Const.
28. What is Deadlock?
30. What is OSI layer? Explain different layers.

Second Technical Round:
Most of the questions were repeated.
1. What is multithreading? What are the problems that comes with multithreading and how to manage them?
2. How to sync two threads in multithreaded application?
3. What is application domain?
4. Problem: In a program initializing an  array of 100 KB is throwing and out of memory exception while there is 100 MB of memory available. Why?
5. How do you troubleshoot if your application is crashing in production environment?
6. What is Fragmentation and its Types?
7. Can we connect to ORACLE db using Windows Authentication?

Hope this could help you.

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