Friday, 27 January 2017

StepsRecorder A free tutorial creator built-in Windows 10

Do you know you can create a quick step by step tutorial with screenshots from windows 10? Yes there a new cool app comes built-in with new windows 10 called “Steps Recorder”.
To create a tutorial document with nice screenshots follow below steps:
1. Open start menu and start typing “Steps Recorder”.

2. Launch your application for which you want to create a tutorial for and click on “StartRecording” on StepRecorder :

So here e.g. I’m going to record steps how to launch the Visual Studio 2017 Live Unit testing feature. Here’s the output when I click on stop recording:

Isn’t that something you would like to do during Production support or sending a guided steps to the client for your tools. You can save the output as ‘mht’ file which is an HTML file with embedded resources but it directly save the file in a Zip folder so that you can send it as soon as you saved it.

This is a great tool I found accidently while trying to find my screen recorder. So thought to write and share information about it. Smile 


Question: Can I Record the Steps to Use the Steps Recroder?
Ans: No.. that would be Recursion which the tool doesn’t support.